"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


  • The Desire to be Claimed…

    Women have fought long and hard to not be treated as property, as possessions, and yet, what is it within the feminine that so longs to be fully claimed, protected and honored? Is part of the key – to move beyond totally literal interpretations of gender to glimpse into the highly subjective and diverse ways in which human beings organize the intersection of self-expression and sexuality? And, what is it that takes place in our own sense of identity when we make this move? Do we become more mysterious, complex, or, subtle? Is there, then, available, to us – a courage to be more fully present in the inquiry that both informs and displaces the egoic animations?

    The egoic animations, so to speak, are simultaneously essential and limited. I want to know – what is their proper place in our being, and how does it relate to the way we imagine, enact, and embody gender?

    In yoga, the ego is witnessed through the lens of the mind-body connection, in which its role is both accepted, and witnessed as a part of a greater whole – a desire to belong as well as a desire to individuate. Paradoxically, the ego is the energetic and creative tension between opposing poles – whether they be impulses at either end of a spectrum, or purely directional.

    The urgent question, for me, then becomes how this wisdom is translated into cultural currency and political action. Is it as simple as the quality of intimacy we share with those closest to us, and complex as the multitude of choices that define the larger, global networks we share? Is the link between the two – the wealth and fluency of the shared cosmos?

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