"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


  • The Feminine Wound

    The Feminine Wound:

    What is the “feminine wound?” Is it analogous to the “masculine wound?” We must bend our minds a little, here, to embrace a wider sense of psyche in which men carry feminine incarnations of the soul as “anima,” and women carry masculine incarnations of the soul as “animus.”

    Desire, like a river, carries us all.

    It seems to me that often the masculine wound is secondary to that of the feminine as the feminine, in my mythos, is the guardian of the psyche. The feminine wound is such that the suffering soul becomes identified with the wound, which is, incidentally, also the womb, so that…there is a deep sense of “wrongness, badness, or hopelessness” that becomes the root of all other projections and constructions.

    I don’t know whether the masculine wound can be healed until the feminine wound is because in its transformation, the feminine has the potential to heal her whole world. Is the first step – to acknowledge a suffering which we generally only relate with through the auxiliary function of anxiety management? Perhaps this is where the masculine wound comes in – as a kind of mirror image that arises when we hold both the pain of the fem. wound and the impossibility.

    This brings us to the link between subjectivity and trauma – how interrelated the two are – how necessary subjectivity is to trauma – and how trauma creates a split within that very subjectivity.

    As I often wonder at the impasse of psychology, “what would yoga say?”

    In yoga, anima and animus show up as “Shiva and Shakti”- the two poles of consciousness and energy within which form gives rise to dissolution, and dissolution gives rise to form. To be initiated in to the joys and devotions and physics of a universe which is stunningly romantic and tenderly sentient is to give birth to the Self.

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