"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


  • Kundalini Meditation

    This is a short meditation to make contact with the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. Practice with ease and focus without becoming too rigid or too loose.

    Begin by exhaling. Exhale through the nose, or the mouth, or with a sigh of relief.

    Does it feel good to make a sound? You can linger here, listening to the body’s desire for sound and playing with a freedom of expression. You may want to say a word out loud or simply hold its vibration. Where does it resonate most – in the groin, or the abdomen, or the heart, or the throat, or the head?

    If there’s no clear word, maybe you grunt or say “AH.” Stay here, for a while, noticing what wants to be sounded. You can also explore the “Ahh,” “Ooo,” and “Mmm” sounds, letting them move through the whole body, lengthening and undulating the tones as feels good.

    Next, direct your awareness to the base of the spine, to the tip of the tail, or coccyx. Often we lock our tail in a tucked position to attempt to stabilize the sacrum. Here, see if you can support the sacrum through bringing tone and attention to the interior of the lower abdomen. As you do so, imagine the sitting bones parting and the tail flowering out like a tongue extending in audacious, radical expression. The sacrum, itself, may feel voluminous and weighted, majestic and wide.

    Does this movement, combined with the breath and the sound, unlock ‘gripping’ in the body? Is there an emotional flavoring to it – images, stories, flashbacks?

    Stay present as you feel the openness at the base of the spine. Is this openness also offering a gift? Is it an intuition of the gorgeousness of the goddess, or a sense of unwinding? Don’t label it prematurely; let it have its own desire. Let it be dark. Let it be full.

    Connect the sensation at the base of the spine with the thinking-feeling of the heart. Visualize a little spark in the cave of the upper thoracic and let the glow of the spark gradually expand to include the whole body, the surrounding space, and the very matrix of spacetime. Can you feel both the light and the shadow as a luminous darkness?

    As your contemplation ripens, shift your felt-sense to the central channel within the spine, connecting from the crown of the head to the perineum (halfway between the anus and the genitals). You may experience it as a tube, or a tunnel, or a very fine cord. Is there a pulsation or rhythm? A vitality or blissfulness? This is not only the channel through which Kundalini rises, but our ecstatic core, our discipline of contentment, and the link between our soul and our spirit.

    At this point, I would suggest laying down or sitting in sukhasana, or easy pose, with legs crossed. Open to receiving whatever you might need from the practice. It may be an outpouring of forgiveness or compassion, or a vibrant tranquility; whatever arises, meet it with care and curiosity, grace and reverence – as though you were in the presence of a great teacher. Stay in this position for as long as feels good, cultivating and absorbing nourishment all the way into the marrow of the bones.

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