"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


  • What is Kundalini?

    What is Kundalini?:

    I have been wanting to write a post about Kundalini energy for weeks now, but somehow it has been difficult to articulate the depth and clarity of this teaching. It is helpful to start by saying that the realm of Kundalini cannot be definitively contained or decisively explained; rather its’ engagement and exploration is an intuitive art – initiating and revealing as it weaves playfulness and gravity, force and power, self and other, mystery and knowledge.

    One way to look at “Kundalini” is as the energy of transformation – one which confronts us with the most salient paradoxes – paradoxes of control and surrender, embodiment and spaciousness, form and consciousness, human and divine. In the process, we begin to shed our false dichotomies and traumatic injunctions…and not only shed them, but digest, integrate, and convert them into the gold of the alchemist’s dreams until our relational sensitivity is refined to reflect the nuances, subtlety, and luminosity of our higher self and deepest beauty.

    Conventionally we associate “Kundalini Yoga” with chanting, breath of fire, and “kriyas,” or “completed actions,” in which the nervous system is simultaneously shocked, soothed, and revitalized, and while these practices can be catalysts for growth and insight, we must be careful to remember that the real, organic intelligence of this energy, to which our whole lives are classrooms and opportunities for learning and dying and becoming, flow through our romances, friendships, familial bonds, the development of our perspectives, and the richness of our experiences, challenges, joys, and heartbreaks.

    In this expanded sense, “Kundalini” is not merely a technique or a mystical “big foot,” but a link between our creativity and our sexuality, between our evolution and our consciousness, between our cycles of time and our timeless essence, between the source and the celebration of our being.

    So, how do we get in touch with it – not only from a theoretical or poetic vantage point, but from a more experiential dimension?

    In my next post, I will offer a short meditation to tune into and presence your own contact with this fierce wisdom – its intimacy and its guidance.

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