"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


  • Organs & Empathy

    Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, in her teachings, talks about the difference between an organ expressing a pose and a pose directing attention to an organ. She demonstrates a process by which the lobes of the lungs are differentiated and felt while awareness is invited to open in the cellular consciousness of the spaces of these tissues. She, then, demonstrates an initiation of the pose through the whole lung – its swiftness, fluency, and perspective.

    The embodiment practice inspired me to contemplate the relationship between our organs and our sense of empathy. This play is not simply skin deep, but orchestrated through the sinews and vital functions of being and becoming.

    The giving and receiving, pulling and pushing, grappling and embracing at this level is not only rooted in oneness, but guided by intuition.

    We steep in it, and yet, we forget, feel estranged, and lose our sense of essential dialogue between self and other. The potential to reclaim, remember, and celebrate is there, as is our birthright to our own unique experience, trust, and spirit.

    When we begin to make the journey home, we find our sense of self expanding, our kindness towards others growing, and our insight flowing with the richness and wisdom of all those who have come before us.

    Here is a short clip of her introducing the practice:

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