"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


Hope & Fantasy

Like taste and flavor, like milk and honey, like soul and spirit, like love and company – hope & fantasy go hand in hand. Like food and money, like justice and urgency, like oneness and harmony – hope & fantasy share a rhythm & story.

On the hero’s journey, the guide and inner child are the two faces of our inner alchemist, and where fate falls short, they step in.

The development of character, like the resistance of habits, is rooted in the fires of transformation which bridge being and becoming.

The sound of truth, like the voice of wisdom, is friendless and alone. Its speaking, like its hearing, is simply – the flow.

The damsel in distress, like the knight in shining armor, are both part of an ancient, timeless theme, and where the need and the action meet is the heart of the life force, moving with divine will and metaphoric rule.

The image, then, is where I stand – like Kundalini rising & lady liberty – conviction and freedom boiling to an ecstatic ether – a cosmic dance & a grand tribute –
of knowing self & embracing other.

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