"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."



How does sex relate to ritual and sacrifice? Are they as interwoven as the universe, in worship? As the breath, in prayer?

How does power unite time and creativity? In ecstatic expression? In joyful emergence?

How does the will serve? Through the transformations of perception? Through the karmas of reincarnation? Through the dramas of dharma?

How does one find a way through the wilderness of the untouchable?

The making of love, like the dance of destruction, wields force and yields surrender. On the grounds of such hallowed paradox sits a temple in which the goddess reigns.

What is the reign of the goddess like? The goddess resides in the vibrancy of space, the intimacy of aloneness, and the fierce shape of the great gesture, which, like the body, becomes the world.

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