"Love tells me I am everything; wisdom tells me I am nothing; In between the two, my life flows."


Sofiya draws on her extensive knowledge of hatha yoga, meditation, inquiry, tantra, & soul wisdom to design a long term curriculum, workshop experience, or group class. Whether your goal is to reconnect with your body, be inspired, deepen your practice, or cultivate peace and fulfillment, Sofiya’s gentle and lucid instruction combined with her relational attunement will guide you in your journey.

Private Sessions

Privates are $100 for a session and last for an hour to two hours; four sessions/a month are $350. Privates may include explorations of embodiment, contemplative study, breath work, and or practices from several different traditions.

Group Sessions

Group rates vary according to size and time, and classes can be structured to promote fitness through mind-body integration, introduce students to meditation, and/or facilitate a deeper dive into the psyche.


Check the “Upcoming Events” section for dates, or invite Sofiya to lead one of her special workshops for your school, organization, or retreat.

Women & Writing

“Women & Writing” is a workshop designed around the sweetness of sisterhood and the passion of storytelling. Come be a part of a circle where we’ll talk about writing, words, and their connection to wisdom. Explore expressing yourself intuitively and sharing work with others. Embodiment, sexuality, change, and community are all fair game. Learn to ask questions, open to answers, and make a practice of dialoging with your higher self.

The Mystical Dialogue

“The Mystical Dialogue” is a rich, poetic journey into the spiritual inquiry of heart, longing, and harmony. Weaving embodiment, devotion, and the fine art of listening through imagery and questioning, Sofiya creates a rare and sacred space to reignite the sense of wonder, awe, and fellowship.

Chakra Meditation

Curious about the chakras? Join us for a practice that combines direct experience with theoretical knowledge. Sofiya will give a brief overview of the subtle body followed by a guided meditation combining imagination, intuition, and the mind-body connection to reveal the structure of the emotional self and the potential for transformation. There will be time afterwards to ask questions and share insights. All levels welcome.

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